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Performance Cruising Series

PoWer Main
The PCS POWER MAIN TM combines the best of both worlds and is our most popular mainsail.  The TOPTWO TM battens are full, improving sail shape aloft while the bottom two are partial, allowing for better control in shaping the lower portion of the sail.  With a  POWER MAIN TM, you can enjoy the benefits of a standard main and a fully battened one without the disadvantages of either.  You will be impressed at the difference in shape, control and performance.


 POWER MAIN TM  Standard Features

!          Premium Challenge Dacron ! sailcloth

!         Triple stitched seams on 6oz cloth and up

!         TOPTWO TM- battens full/2 partial

!         Luff slides or slugs attached with webbing

!         2 reef points

!         Leech tensioning line with cleats at reef points

!         Cunningham & Flattening Grommets.

!         Class insignia and sail numbers

!         Large radial-cut corner patches

!         Telltales on batten pockets

!         Oversized nylon sail bag



Genny Jib
The PCS GENNYJIB TM was designed with both the performance and cruising sailor in mind.  It is offered in either the traditional cross-cut style or more modern looking bi-radial or tri-radial cut.  GENNYJIB TM is truly a versatile sail in that it maintains excellent shape throughout its entire reefing range.  We've included features that other sailmakers charge extra for are standard with us.
  • Premium Challenge Dacron ! sailcloth

  • Triple stitched seams on 6oz cloth and up

  • Foam luff pad - for best shape when reefed

  • UV protective cover - choice of material & color

  • 1 st Reef TM - to pinpoint that reef location

  • Sheet Angle Strip TM - indicates proper genoa car location for better sail trim

  • Leech and foot tensioning lines with cleats

  • Web head & tack straps - for smoother furling

  • 4 sets of telltales - two sets to read when reefed

  • Large radial - cut corner patches

  • Oversized sail bag